You’re familiar with the challenge, either the wrong candidates attend your event, or not enough candidates – often, both situations apply!

Not Enough Attendees

Not The Right Attendees

OpenHouse drives qualified clinical talent to your recruitment events.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect full-time, part-time or per diem candidates, OpenHouse delivers the right message to the right person at the right time, ensuring that your event is packed with only the qualified candidates you desire. 

How does it work?

We find targets in the Katonbase™

First, we identify targets in The Katonbase™. The Katonbase™ is the most sophisticated database of healthcare talent in the US. Built over 15 years, we have detailed records on 8 million US healthcare employees.

We target the right candidates with personalized marketing 

Next, we market to them with targeted marketing campaigns. We use sophisticated digital marketing techniques to deliver ads to deliver targeted messages and send personalized emails and postcards. And finally, we pick up the phone and call the candidates.

Candidates are driven to Personalized Landing Pages

Now when candidates respond, we want them to feel special. So we send them to personalized landing pages, branded for your organization. Through the form, we capture additional information to qualify candidates, increasing the efficiency of the process.

Our campaign strategists measure and adjust, measure and adjust…

Recruitment marketing requires testing and measuring and adjusting. Our account managers, who have deep expertise in recruitment marketing, will choose the marketing campaign tactics and mix, and adjust based on response rates and conversions. Our analytics team uses sophisticated analytics to support account manager decisions and provide feedback to client.

Interested candidates are delivered through your KatonPortal™ and CandidateStream™

We can deliver candidate leads to you in a variety of ways. Candidate Stream™ is a visual listing of all candidates. You can even email them directly. Candidate Notifications are real-time email alerts when a candidate who has targeted experience in practice area responds. The KatonPortal™ also allows the user to download a candidate detail spreadsheet or import to your ATS or CRM.

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